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ABOUT US ​ Wellkleen have engineered a hybrid ozone generator, producing ozone in both gaseous and aqueous forms. We are able to produce one of nature's most powerful sanitisers to kill bacteria and protect the health and wellbeing of those that live, work and play in the spaces we treat. Ozone, because of it's known sterilising qualities has been used in operating theatres and commercial food preparation areas for many years. In developing mobile technology, WellKleen is able to provide the same level of protection in homes, hotels, aged care facilities, kindergartens, commercial office spaces, medical facilities and gymnasiums. Our treatment removes odours emanating from the presence of bacteria or illness as well as common smells created by cigarette smoke, cooking, animals, water and fire damage. We have developed the functionality in the WellKleen ozone generator to provide a mattress sanitation service that is unmatched. By injecting ozone inside the mattress we are able to kill the dust mites, mould, fungi, allergens and odour that reside here. We also assist to protect the health of patients in hospitals and medical clinics. REGISTERED NDIS SERVICE PROVIDER As a registered NDIS Service Provider we assist participants to live healthy independent lives by protecting their home environment from the threat of germs and the discomfort of allergens and odours. MOBILE OZONE GENERATOR WellKleen have developed a mobile ozone generator that enables us to use the world's most powerful sterilising agent that is known to be safe for humans to kill 99.9% of bacteria, allergens and odours that threaten the quality of our lives. Our ozone generator is unique. It has been designed to produce both gaseous and aqueous ozone at concentration levels, that while totally safe for humans are powerful enough to eradicate bacteria and other contaminants than other machines on the market. We require a substantially shorter period of time to sanitize a space due to the combination of the power of our generator and the used ozone passing through carbon to expedite the time taken to revert to oxygen. It is the most functional mobile generator available, weighing around 15kg and is easily manoeuvred between areas. ​Ozone is 50% more powerful than chlorine and kills bacteria over 3000 times faster. ​Ozonated water replaces the need for costly and potentially harmful chemicals. It is a 100.% organic way to clean and sanitize ​So whether we are treating your mattress or home, your child's kindergarten, your office or gymnasium we are very confident we can eliminate any germs, allergens, mould and odours and protect your health and well being. We are currently servicing (but are not restricted to) the following industries:- Residential Mattress Cleaning Kindergarten Day Care Centres Hotels/Motels Backpackers & Hostels Real Estate/Rental/Sales Aged Care Facilities Hospitals/Medical Centres Office Work Space Gymnasiums Other Fresh Food OUR SANITATION PROCESS 1. Identify & Test Our trained technicians test for the presence and level of bacteria using ATP meters to identify the most effective treatment 2. Using the most effective treatment WellKleen technicians will use the most appropriate combination of ozone, germicidal sprays and organic compounds to ensure that 99.9% of germs, bacteria and allergens present will be killed. All odours will eliminated and that ongoing protection is in place to reduce the incidence of sickness and allergic reaction. The rooms, the beds and the places we treat are ready for immediate occupancy The Exterminator and the Eliminator enable WellKleen to offer a unique sanitation service. These two machines not only generate and dispense ozone but an antimicrobial fogging treatment enabling us to apply the two powerful sterilants that while deadly to germs ate totally safe for humans. 3. Treatment Completion Upon completion we will again use the ATP meter to ascertain bacteria levels and provide readings as part of our report. Our technicians will report any thing they may have observed or identified that will assist you in better managing practices that improve the hygiene and incidence of illness. A Certificate of Treatment will be issued where appropriate to enable you to communicate to your staff and people entering your premises the pro-active role you have taken in protecting their health and wellbeing. AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED SYSTEM The only Australian Certified System to sterilise mattresses, aged care facilities, child care centres, private homes, workplaces, hotels & motels as well as hospitals and medical centres. Specifically effective on VIRUSES and PATHOGENIC BACTERIA. Both cost effective and affordable. Call Brian on 1300387864 for either an appointment or consultancy advice over the phone.

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