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Restorative Retreat 2 - 9 May 2021 Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. All inclusive of luxury accommodation, yoga + pilates, massages, welcome dinner + 3 day juice cleanse + 4 days raw food, cacao ceremony, raw food classes, releasing session, individual NLP sessions + more (some things need to be kept a surprise) Time out for YOU! To rest, relax, rejuvenate, recharge. To reconnect and restore. Join me for a magical week at a stunning location, being amongst nature with an intimate group of like minded individuals all taking some time out just for themselves. Whether you are needing a break from reality, away from your work, business, from your phone or just the general stress of daily will be pampered, supported, nourished, cleansed and we will help you to find your inner peace and freedom. 7 nights + 8 days of pure bliss on 5 acres of lush land, you could spend your morning with some yoga, lay by the resort style pool, followed by a massage and then chill and relax with a book and your evening might be spent around the fireplace chatting. Or not talking! It is up to you. This week is all about you and your needs. Experience more energy and vitality whilst being more refreshed and rejuvenated. Please message, email or phone Donna now for bookings!

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